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6 Incredible French Wedding Cake Ideas for your Big Day

6 Incredible Cakes Ideas For Your French Wedding

The glamour and luxury of a french wedding are sure to drive your guests to say “Sacré bleu!”. Although the decor, venue, and dress may be impressive, the best way to make your guests’ jaws drop is with the icing on the cake—literally.
If you’re getting married in the most romantic country in the world, you can’t afford to shirk when it comes to the cake. Here are six incredible cake ideas for your French wedding:


A genuine French wedding cake...
The Impeccable Pear - croquembouche wedding cake

Contrary to what you might imagine, a classic french wedding cake is nothing like your typical cylindrical layers of squishy goodness. Also known as the croquembouche, the traditional french wedding cake looks like a conical mound of pastry balls. Each pastry ball is a chou à la crème that contains custard, whipped cream, or even ice cream. Threads of caramelised sugar keep the individual choux together.|


Although the chou à la crème is usually brown-coloured, you can ask to have it made to match your wedding colour. Consider red and white croquembouche if you want polka dots. Ask for some edible sugar roses if you wish! You can also ask your caterer to create an elaborate one-of-a-kind caramel design; that is sure to make your guests’ eyes twinkle with delight.
A tall tower or a series of petite ones

Tall mounds never fail to make an impression. A tall croquembouche befits your towering ambitions and expectations in your relationship—sweet, yet sturdy. On the other hand, you can give your croquembouche a twist by creating smaller mounds and then piling each mound on top of the other. Regardless of your design, a croquembouche will be a sight to behold during your wedding party.


An adornment of pretty flowers
Why not take the floral theme beyond a flower wall and embellished gown? Your croquembouche can look beautiful with spring flowers as well. Create a caramel spiral around your traditional french wedding cake. Before the spiral cools and hardens, stick sugar flowers on its surface to create a spiralling floral “vine” on your croquembouche. You can also try a criss-cross style to create an assemblage of sugar flowers that seem to be attached to a trellis.


french macarons
A layered cake of macarons
Macarons are somewhat related to choux as these confectionaries are also filled with cream. Unlike choux, however, the filling is sandwiched in between flat “buns” of meringue. This gives the macaron less of a spherical look. Each macaron resembles a tiny burger that you can assemble to form various shapes such as squares or hearts. To make a layered tower of macarons, you will need to make pancakes that will serve as the boundary of each layer. The arrangement will then follow the shape of the pancake. For improved aesthetics, you can conceal the pancake borders with icing.
A kaleidoscope of colour

Just like choux, you can add food colouring to each piece of macaron so that the final product better suits the theme of your French wedding. You can also arrange the macarons to form colourful patterns when seen from afar!

french wedding cakes - macarons in assorted colours


A traditional look with a French twist

For those who want to have a more traditional-looking cake without diminishing the frenchness of the event, crêpes are the perfect alternative. Crêpes are a thinned-out version of your morning pancakes. You can pile each crêpe on top of the other to create a three-dimensional cylinder. In between the crêpes, consider Nutella, whipped cream, butter, or jam as the filling. The downside of this type of cake is that it takes an incredible amount of time and labour to prepare. Your baker will need to produce more than a hundred crêpes of the same diameter to create just one layer of cake. If you manage to pull this feat off, however, the effort is very well worth it!

Are you Planning a French Wedding?

french wedding cake ideas - croquembouche tower at Impeccable Pear wedding
Why stop at the french wedding cake? Take the romance to the next level by tying the knot in France with the help of The Impeccable Pear! We’re here to bring your dream to life. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and anticipate the special day when you and your special someone vow to love each other for the rest of your lives. Why not get in touch with us to discuss your ideas?
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