Why is using preserved and dried flowers for your wedding a great idea?

Preserved and dried flowers lend themselves to both vintage and modern styles adding that perfect and original touch to your wedding flowers and styling.  While dried flowers can be less colourful and fragrant than fresh flowers, these everlasting beauties have wonderful muted and warm tones as well and endless varieties of shape and texture.  The possibilities are endless and incorporating unusual blooms, seed pods, dried grasses and other lasting botanicals into your day makes for some pretty fabulous and stunning wedding floral décor.  From bold stems and seed pods to ethereal grasses and flowers you can incorporate them across your day in so many ways, from the bouquets, boutonnieres, backdrops, to hanging flowers and centrepieces.  The options really are endless.

As well as being ever so beautiful preserved plants, flowers and trees are 100% natural. Plant preservation is a totally ecological process that replaces the natural sap of the flower by a preservative. That substance is close to sugar and is 100% biodegradable.  Preserved plants and flowers retain their flexibility and their natural freshness without any maintenance guaranteeing that your wedding flowers will not only look fabulous on the day but for years after. They require no watering, no special treatment or luminosity, an eco-friendly wedding idea, making them a great keepsake even after the big day is over.

Dried flowers

Like the idea but don't want to commit to an all dried flower bouquet or decor?  Using pops of dried grasses or branches in addition to gorgeous fresh blooms works beautifully as well, bringing an unexpected touch and gorgeous detail to a bouquet or floral arrangement. Whether you choose an entirely dried bouquet or combine dried elements with fresh blooms for your wedding day the options are endless, but one thing is for sure they are all as fabulous as one another

Dried flowers2
Dried flowers3

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