A key element of your wedding but why?

A bride’s bouquet is arguably the second most important part of her outfit and has become a very important part of every modern-day wedding.   Whether you opt for an extravagant bunch of blooms or a delicate posy bouquet have you ever wondered where this tradition came from and why brides carry one at all?

In the past flowers and herbs played a very important role representing new beginnings, fidelity, loyalty and hope for fertility.  The bridal bouquet dates back to Roman times where strong-smelling herbs were used to keep away evil, bad luck and illness so the couple would be able to live a happy life.

The first floral bridal bouquets started appearing in the Victorian era.   Flowers told a story and soon became a popular way of expressing feelings with each flower sending a different message.   At that time flowers were essentially used by people as a way of expressing their love when words failed.   Flowers were selected according to symbolic meaning and were carefully chosen for what they represented soon becoming a symbol associated with love and romance.  It’s for this reason that flowers were then used for weddings and are still used today.

Today’s reasons can be quite different, brides tend to choose flowers for their fragrance, shape and colour with the bride’s bouquet becoming a way for each bride to express her personal style, taste and personality.  While the colours and shape of your chosen flowers are important, a beautiful touch is to also have flowers that are meaningful for you.  It can be for the traditional meaning or just because it’s your favourite flower so why not send a message through your wedding flowers, but which blooms can add a magical message to your wedding?


Peonies are considered one of the most romantic flowers you can include in a bridal bouquet symbolising a happy marriage and good fortune.


Carnations, which literally means ‘golden flower’, come in many different hues and each colour has its own meaning.  Pink represents gratitude and boldness. Red is attached to love and white can mean both pure love and talent.


While you can’t get much more iconic than the red rose when it comes to romance, there are many other meanings attached to different colour roses. White roses symbolise humility and innocence, yellow is for friendship, orange is for desire and pink represents admiration.


These gorgeous flowers come in an array of shades that can match just about any wedding colour palette and represent innocence and friendship


Magnolias have been a sought-after flower for centuries, they symbolise nobility and dignity as well as an innate love of nature.


These blooms have amazing water colour effects and hydrangeas traditionally represent understanding, perseverance, and heartfelt emotion, making them the ideal addition to a wedding bouquet.

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