Is Gascony the Most Delicious Corner of France?

Why not try some of its signature dishes in your wedding menu?

Look closely at a map of southwestern France and you’ll notice a blank spot just west of Toulouse and south of Bordeaux that blank spot is Gascony, one of the most rural regions in all of France.

But few people know that Gascon food is richer than the sunny cuisine of Provence. It is unabashedly, defiantly rich. Duck fat, not olive oil, is the local currency. Everything gets cooked in it: potatoes, sausages, eggs, and — in the case of confit, that pillar of Gascon farmhouse cooking — duck itself.

Foie gras

Gascony is well known as one of the great gourmet regions of France.  Its most famous product is undoubtedly Armagnac, the local brandy, which is known worldwide as a serious competitor to Cognac (which comes from a bit further north).  Gascony also produces some fine wines such as Côtes-de-Gascogne and Madiran.


As for its cuisine, Gascony is noted for its poultry, and produces some of the best free-range poultry in France. It is also famed for its patés, notably duck paté de foie gras.


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