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Fara and Ben’s Glamorous Wedding

Fara and Ben's Glamorous Wedding

Photography by Jessica Blaine Smith

As featured on the JB Smith Blog

In 2015 The Impeccable Pear worked with Fara and Ben to plan and execute their stunning glamorous wedding.

The Venue

Fara and Ben felt that Chateau de Lisse was the perfect venue for their dream wedding. They were blown away by the architecture, grounds, rooms and the twelfth century chapel.

Jessica, the photographer, wrote about the wedding in her blog:

impeccable pear glam wedding chapel
JB Smith Photography

‘These two got married at the absolutely stunning Chateau de Lisse in Gascony, France and I was there to capture every moment of it. Before traveling there, I had looked at photos of the Chateau on the internet but nothing prepared me for seeing it in real life. It was full of countless beautiful nooks and crannies which made it a photographer’s dream... I instantly fell in love with the pink Rococo Salon and could have photographed these two all day there.’

Glamorous Wedding Design

impeccable pear glamorous wedding design
JB Smith Photography

When planning with the couple, it became clear that they wanted a beautiful glamorous wedding, dripping in class and elegance.

And the Chateau de Lisse was the perfect setting, with its opulent styling and stunning architecture.

Food and Refreshments

In true glam wedding style, the couple enjoyed fresh oysters and cocktails in vintage tea cups. They also had an opulent croquembouche (profiterole tower) which is traditional for french weddings.


After the wedding breakfast, as the sun was beginning to set, the couple took a wander in the cornfields to have a romantic photo shoot. The Chateau de Lisse is the perfect wedding venue for natural outdoor shots. Our couples often take advantage of the setting sun for their 'golden hour' photography.

the impeccable pear glamorous wedding venue

Congratulations on Your Glamorous Wedding

The Impeccable Pear found working with Fara and Ben to be such a joy. They had such a unique style and we really wanted to bring this into their wedding.

Here at IP, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring each couple’s individual style and taste into their wedding, to create their very own perfect day.

Ready to find out more?

If you enjoyed reading about Fara and Ben’s glamorous wedding and would like to consider The Impeccable Pear to plan your big day, please get in touch.

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