French-inspired wedding catering ideas

Le Chef Impeccable with over ten years wedding catering experience and 200 weddings under his knife can give you some French inspired wedding catering ideas to the table.

The Culture

If there is something undeniably associated with France, it is food. It is so important for the French, that “lunchtime” is a must-have and still nowadays it may last a couple of hours. Outside the major towns and touristic areas, shops, administrations and banks will close for a lunch break. Therefore if your love of food is one of the reasons you chose France for your wedding celebrations, you will not be disappointed.

Once you have found your ideal venue with help of the Impeccable Pear it is probably the time for you to start looking at your catering options. There are plenty and in this post I will help you with some French inspired wedding catering ideas.

First things first, you need to decide which style of reception suits you. You may be envisioning a relaxed family style dining or a more formal affair. It may also depend on the number of guests you expect at your party or your budget.

Foie gras

Food Stations

jambon cru
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The ‘Animations or ateliers culinaires’ i.e. food stations. These are very popular at French weddings and the choice is endless. If you have decided to have a traditional dinner both in style and in the choice of food, this is where you can go more local and take your guests on a journey of discovery. The idea is simple and runs along with the classic canapés. The food is prepared right in front of the guests. It can be cold (bruschetta bar or ham cut on demand, Oysters) or warm, (meat, prawns, or vegetables cooked on the plancha, tapas), mini dishes typical of the region.

Food stations are interactive, so they can make an interesting feature during the cocktail reception. If you are having a sitdown dinner afterwards, you could even have two or three stations and drop the starter.

Going local and seasonal

No doubt France’s gastronomy is reputable and each region has its own specialities. Why not include them in the wedding menu? Duck in the South west or choose dishes with regional touches in the preparation.

Whilst appreciating that it is a very personal choice, I sometimes wonder what is the point of having a wedding reception in France if it is to serve the same food as back at home.


Cheese wedding cake

the impeccable chef cake cheese

You can’t have a wedding in France without cheese, can you? But forget about the few slices served at the table at the end of the meal. The trendy way is the cake beautifully decorated and presented on a buffet along with a selection of bread and confits.

It can be your wedding cake, although it does not have to be. But if you think it’s one too many ‘cake’, then whole cheeses can also be presented individually as a buffet, labelled and displayed amongst flowers, leaves and fruits, it is guaranteed to make an impact.

Dessert or Wedding cake?

More and more couples choose to have their wedding cake as the dessert and this is another cost-saving exercise.

So why not opt for a pièce montée! the ultimate French wedding cake which can then be deconstructed and used as a dessert.

Interestingly, whilst being the preferred choice of destination couples, it has lost its appeal amongst French brides in favour of the more stylish Macaron tower.


The next day

Finally, the party is over or is it? As most destination weddings in France take place over several days, the day after the wedding is another gathering opportunity although more relaxed, less formal. You think there will be less food, fewer drinks. Well, think again. Be it a Brunch, BBQ or a buffet with tender slow-roasted meats, this can be more of a picnic style and is lovely combined with outdoor games and a dip in the pool (boules for example) for a relaxing afternoon.


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