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Planning a Destination Wedding – Why France is the Perfect Choice

Planning a Destination Wedding - Why France is the Perfect Choice

A destination wedding could make your big day even more meaningful...

Planning a wedding can feel a lot like running a marathon on stilts while juggling plates. The time that leads up to it is both exciting and exhausting. For some, the struggle only brings them closer. Others aren’t as lucky.

Many brides struggle to make their dream wedding a reality. They panic throughout the process, realising that they did not have it all figured out when they were little girls. From floral centrepieces to wedding dresses, wedding planning entails making difficult choices, all of which can lead to overthinking.

Some brides-to-be think that planing a menu and booking entertainment is the hardest part of wedding planning. However, there’s one major thing to plan that will outweigh the significance of everything else: the location.

The importance of choosing the right wedding location

If you ask someone married what they were most worried about when planning their wedding, chances are the answer will be the venue. It’s important to lock down a venue if you want to have the perfect wedding. The location plays a significant role in setting the theme and making every bride-to-be’s dreams come true. The moment you put down the deposit and confirm the date is usually when reality hits—you’re getting married!

The truth behind choosing a wedding location, however, is that it’s easier said than done. Most brides-to-be end up doubting their first choice, contemplating a second, toying with a third, and so on. Although picking a location might be a struggle, most people merely need a push to make the final decision. Yours might just come in the form of a question:

Have you considered France?

Best known as the country of love, France has made a name for itself as one of the world’s most romantic places. Its reputation makes it the ideal location to pledge your lifelong vows to your partner. The picturesque landscapes, to-die-for cuisine, excellent wines, and dreamy atmosphere is breathtaking. It’s no wonder France has become a fantasy destination wedding location for couples from around the world.

You can get married in France all year round, but the most popular months to hold a wedding in the country are May, June, and September.

Themes to choose from for a perfect french wedding

Did you know that there is no end to the different themes you can pull off in the South of France? Why not consider one of the following themes:

Turn back time with a vintage theme

A popular choice is vintage as it brings together the best of rustic and shabby chic. A vintage French theme defines itself with simple elements for a charming, elegant feel. People often recognise this theme by a pastel colour palette (such as peach, lilac, baby blue, and pale pink). When incorporating a vintage theme, consider using French linens, old books, dried lavender, crocheted doilies, and crystal vases for decor.

french vintage theme - shoes and bouquet

Be patriotic by going Parisian

When it comes to having a wedding in France, a Parisian-themed wedding is an obvious choice. If you want your special day to have a sense of elegance and grandeur, then the unmistakably chic appeal of a Parisian-themed destination wedding is the way to go. The best colour schemes for a Parisian wedding are Tiffany blue, red, pink, or anything with a pop of colour in it. In terms of your ceremony’s details, consider using Parisian elements such as perfume bottles, hatboxes, and votives. This will give the proceedings an elegant feel.
french nautical themed wedding favour

Sail the French rivers with something nautical

With its impeccable use of red, white, and blue, a nautical themed wedding is perfect for those who want a timeless, yet playful feel for their big day. Hold a nautical-themed destination wedding in France. When it comes to decorations, paper boats, rope, driftwood, and shells are perfect. Another cute design trick that will surely win your guests over is putting their names in bottles to act as charming placeholders.

Are you Planning a Destination Wedding?

Why stress out over planning a French destination wedding when you could leave it to the experts here at The Impeccable Pear? No matter whether you choose to get married during winter, spring, summer, or fall, we’re here to bring your dream to life. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and anticipate your special day. Why not get in touch with us to discuss your ideas?

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