Top 5 Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Bouquet

the hoop

The Hoop

There's nothing quite like a colorful fall bouquet to enhance These beautiful floral hoops make the perfect and original alternative to a bouquet for bridesmaids or flower girls, lightweight and easy to hold they make an ideal floral statement. They are romantic, practical, beautiful, and symbolic, the hoop bouquet is one of my favourite ways to incorporate hoops into a wedding. Ultra-versatile, bridal hoop bouquets will look just as perfect at laid-back, boho nuptials as they will at a classic and elegant wedding. They make a beautiful alternative to the traditional bouquet and can double up as décor after the ceremony.

The Lantern

The lantern is another very original alternative to the traditional bouquets, easy to hold and can be used as other décor after the ceremony. The flowers will be in floral oasis foam so perfect for extremely hot countries where flowers suffer in the heat.

The Lantern

The Brooch Bouquet

Eco friendly bouquet you can keep forever as a souvenir of your big day. This option can be a fab way of incorporating family brooches into your wedding. Why not ask your loved ones to each choose a brooch for your bouquet?

The Single Stem

I love this very trendy and budget friendly option. It looks so elegant and avoids carrying a very heavy bouquet all day. You can opt for a floral mix or everyone can have the same flower. Simple but this makes such a statement.

Single stem 1
Single stem 2
Single stem 3

The Wrist Flowers

Another way of keeping your hands free, put your bouquet on your wrist. This style has been around for ages but never gets old. From a small delicate wrist bouquet to a quite dramatic floral arrangement on your arm anything is possible. Can also be made with preserved and dried flowers so you get to take it home.

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