Wedding Venues in France - 7 Reasons Why Chateaux are a Great Choice

Wedding Venues in France – 7 Reasons Why Chateaux are a Great Choice

Wedding Venues in France – 7 Reasons Why Chateaux are a Great Choice

These days, more and more couples are choosing to make their wedding even more magical by getting married in France. However, when it comes to wedding venues in France, it can be tough choosing one, as there are so many different options available.

There are many beautiful manor houses, rustic farmhouses, and coastal properties available. You can even choose to get married on the beach or on a yacht! There is something particularly romantic though, about tying the knot in a fairytale French chateau. Read on to find out why we think the best wedding venues in France are the stunning chateaux.

1. Everything is taken care of in one place

When you choose to get married in a French chateau, you can relax safe in the knowledge that everything will be taken care of in one place; from the wedding ceremony in the chapel or garden, to the wedding breakfast and reception in one of the grand halls. There will even be beautiful accommodation for some, if not all, of your guests.

Chateaux also tend to have other amenities such as tennis courts, swimming pools and games room. Your guests are therefore unlikely to be short of entertainment.
bride and groom in french chapel
In addition to this, most chateaux have a full wedding planner service already available. This means that you can take advantage of having experienced professionals take care of every aspect of your wedding. From the ceremony itself, to the smaller details such as decorations, catering, photography and cake, you won't have to worry about a thing.
bride on a swing outside chateau plombis

2. Romantic, fairytale setting.

There's nothing more luxurious than getting married in a chateau; they naturally ooze elegance and style. You can say your wedding vows in a historic chapel, sip champagne on an elegant balcony, pose for a group photograph with majestic turrets as your backdrop, and spend your wedding night in a beautiful oak panelled room.

When you tie the knot in a French chateau, you are surrounded by history and grandeur. Everywhere you look there are features such as ornate fireplaces, exposed stonework and vaulted ceilings.

How much more magical can a wedding get?

3. Breathtaking scenery.

Chateaux are surrounded by stunning scenery in the form of vineyards, woodlands, orchards and lakes.

Chateau de Lisse in Gascony for example, boasts 550 hectares of beautifully maintained grounds. You and your guests can spend time enjoying the deer park and awe-inspiring lake and streams. In the summer, you can even take full advantage of the weather and get married in the garden, with the striking chateau as your backdrop.

With such beautiful grounds, you and your guests can completely relax before, during and after your wedding day. The surrounding grounds of a French chateau are also the perfect place for you and your significant other to spend quality time together.

The only difficult part will be leaving!

bride and groom embracing in secluded location

4. Secluded location

One large benefit of getting married in a French chateau is the fact that they are secluded. Unlike with some other wedding venues in France, you won't have to worry about your wedding being disrupted by other hotel guests, or be concerned that the noise from your evening reception will disturb anyone.

Away from everyone else, you can just relax and focus on your special day!

5. Exclusivity

Leading on from our last point, when you get married in a french chateau, you hire out the entire venue. This means that you can make the most of the facilities as and when you please, without being restricted by other guests.

If the bride and her bridesmaids fancy a swim to relax on the night before the wedding, or the groom and his best man want to take it easy in the games room, that can all easily be arranged!

6. Suitable for guests with children

Quite a few of your guests are likely to have children and getting married in a chateau can make life much easier for them. They won't have to worry about where the kids are as everything is in one place.

In addition to that, the wide of range of amenities makes it easier for games and activities to be arranged to keep them entertained for hours. For example, they can play ping pong or badminton or go swimming. In the summer, lawn games such as giant Jenga and Croquet can be organised to make the wedding reception even more fun; and the adults can join in too!

Those with kids will definitely be grateful for this added bonus.
young bridesmaid's feet and shoes
wedding venues in france - a bride on the balcony of chateau plombis

7. Stunning photography

Of all the wedding venues in France, chateaux give the most magnificent opportunities for photography. There is just something very magical about posing for your wedding photos in front of an impressive French chateau.

There is no shortage of incredible locations for your photographer to choose from. They can capture gorgeous photos of the bride-to-be with her bridesmaids getting ready in beautiful oak panelled rooms, and the happy couple posing together on the grand steps outside the chateau. Or perhaps the groom-to be walking through the elegant corridors of the chateau interior, or posing next to a suit of armour!

The possibilities are endless, and your wedding photos are guaranteed to be fabulous.

Get Married in a French Chateau

Chateau Plombis French chateau wedding

If you're considering one of the beautiful wedding venues in France for your big day, why not consider using a professional French wedding planner to take care of everything for you?

The Impeccable Pear create dream French weddings for couples that exceed all expectations. They work at venues such as Chateau de Lisse and Chateau Plombis, planning every minute detail in order to make every couple's special day magical. Why not get in touch with us to find out more?

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