TOP 10 Popular Wedding Flowers

It can be a little confusing to choose flowers for your wedding, especially if you are not really a flower person. Flowers are one of the most visible factors of a wedding that no one can ignore. From setting the mood to creating a theme, flowers are probably going to be a large visual component of your wedding. If you have some confusion about choosing flowers for your wedding, there is nothing to worry about, at The Impeccable Pear we are here to help.
Your imagination is the only limit however there are certain types of wedding flowers that are more popular than others.

Not only are you choosing flowers for your wedding bouquet, but you must also think of ceremony flowers, table arrangements, boutonnieres, corsages and all other floral decorations you can have at a wedding. Today, there is an unlimited selection of flowers available all year-round, but it is always better to choose them according to season. Here are a few fabulous flowers you can choose from.


These flowers are absolutely stunning in arrangements, and the fragrant flower is the perfect focal flower for wedding bouquets or table arrangements. Peonies are appealing to many brides due to their gorgeous large bloom, there are many different colours to choose from, but the most popular for weddings are the white and the various shades of pink.


The Rose will never be out of wedding fashion. It is considered a classic wedding flower with an impressive number of varieties that come in all different colours, fragrances, shapes, and sizes. Used widely to create a blooming bouquet that can be instantly stunning, roses are the kind of flower that can be ideal for any bouquet or floral arrangement.


If you are looking for something elegant and sophisticated, then there is no better flower for you than calla lilies. These flowers come in a variety of colours, but some of the most popular are dark purple, mauve-pink, yellow, and orange. White calla lilies in a bouquet can be a perfect choice for classy and modern brides.


Hydrangeas are becoming more and more popular as wedding flowers. They look fabulous by themselves or mixed with other kinds of flowers. You have a selection of colours to choose from but white is an extremely popular choice because of its elegant look.


Ranunculus are a beautiful bloom with delicate, tissue-thin petals. They look great in bouquets as well as table centrepieces and are available in nearly every colour, so you are sure to find them in the perfect shade to match your wedding colour scheme.


Dahlias are wonderful focal flowers. Some varieties can be as wide as your head, called dinner-plate dahlias! One of the most common dahlia varieties is called cafe au lait. It varies from a pink-peach blush to a soft and creamy beige shade. Dahlias are simple and sophisticated at the same time. You can use only one flower and make a statement. They come in a wide array of sizes and colours, so there is a choice for any bride.


This delicate and exotic flower is extremely popular in the wedding industry. You will see them in modern styled floral decorations, and the most popular kinds of orchids for weddings are Vanda, Phalaenopsis, and Dendrobium. They come in a colourful mix, including hot pink, deep orange, vibrant yellow, yellow cream, and white and are perfect for contemporary wedding bouquets and centrepieces. They are one of the most luxurious flowers to have in arrangements.


If you want nothing less than supreme elegancy and a sophisticated look, anemones are the right flower choice. Their unique appearance makes them really stand out. This extremely delicate flower, especially the white one, is perfect for elegant winter and spring weddings.


Baby’s Breath is back in fashion and is now used for a sophisticated look not only for bridal and bridesmaid’s bouquets but also for all floral arrangements. Available in white and pink.


The very delicate bloom and gorgeous fragrance makes the freesia a wonderful choice for weddings. Many colours are available, but the white ones are a wedding favourite. They look fabulous in a bouquet as well as any arrangement.

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