Meet The Impeccable Pear - Who We Are

We could be a big part of your lives for quite a while - let us introduce ourselves so you know who are are…


Joanne Braham

I have been married to Jean-Marc (who is also our Impeccable Chef) for over 17 years. We have 3 amazing children, so family is a big part of who we are.

We have lived in France for nearly 10 years and I have planned over 150 weddings. But when I'm not planning weddings, my passion is horse riding.

My background is in marketing and event management. I have a very varied and extensive portfolio. This ranges from glitzy award ceremonies, business networking clubs to even launching an oil dredger!

I also adore making things happen. So, when an idea is born and comes to fruition there is nothing more rewarding. I am creative, edgy and full of energy and enthusiasm. Above all, I love exploring new ideas.


Victoria Engelen

In my professional life, I have juggled for over 9 years between meetings, conference calls, training and weddings. But I have come to a point in my life where I need to do what I LOVE!  - And this is it.

Running my own business and working with a top American-French company has given me valuable experience and skills required for events. I am ambitious, creative, dynamic and always ready for a challenge. But most of all I am passionate. And I absolutely love life and what I do.

I love animals, anything linked to nature and history! I do have a slight obsession for coffee, shoes and handbags. But who doesn’t, right? Oh, and my nails they MUST be styled.

My motto: “anything is possible”...

Vic Profile picture

Some Fun Facts About Who We Are:

  • Victoria makes an awesome espresso martini.
  • We love pretty high heels. We can't walk in them, so we use them for decoration.
  • Jo's indulgences are red wine and galloping around the countryside. - Her muse is in her stable!
  • To chill out, Victoria has a zoo at home. It amounts to over 100 legs! Ask her if you want to find out more.
  • An interesting fact about who we are: We both love fizzy sweets and oysters.

"Joanne and all your amazing team, I cannot put into words how wonderful this week has been. - It's honestly been like a fairytale! Thank you for all your hard work. - Even down to the little details which have not gone unnoticed! Our wedding is something we will never forget - thank you again"


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